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May 17, 2010

A Hidden Light – episode 8

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“Oh my God! That show was incredible.”

“I know right! What was your favorite part Demi?”

“I loved the dog trainer Jacob. He was so built and it was really cool all the tricks he could make the dogs do. Some of those dogs were huge and looked like wolves too which added to the awesomeness of his act. What about you Miley what was your favorite part?”

“I’ll tell you what my least favorite part was, when that girl came out and sung near the end. I’m sorry but she sucks. The only people who seemed into her music were all the couples that started making out while she sang. It was kind of weird that her music made them all start to do that. I guess with music that bad you need something good to distract you. All I could think of while she was singing was about having a boy to make out with.”

“This whole circus was pretty epic. Demi did you see Joe? He waved at you!’

“Yeah, he did. Ha ha ha. He looked so cute in his outfit. I didn’t know he was so strong though. Did you see how big that weight was he lifted over his head?”

“ Don’t look now but I think he’s coming towards us right now!”

“Hey wait up!”

Joe comes running over to the girls and stops to catch his breathe

“I’m glad I caught up to you guys. I wanted to get your name and maybe your number before you left.”

“Which one of us were you talking to Joe?”

“The birthday girl here of course.”

“My name is Demi, I don’t even know you how can I give you my number?”

“But if you don’t give me your number how are you supposed to get to know me?”

Joe gives her a small smile and Demi laughs and writes her number down on a piece of paper and gives it to him.

“The circus will be leaving after tonight but I’ll call you and we can get to know each other over the phone. Next time we stop by this town or one near it I can ask you for a date.”

“Sounds like a plan Joe. If you can remember to call that is.”

“You can count on it. A face like yours is hard to miss and even harder to forget. I’ll be calling you as soon as I can. It was nice meeting everybody and I hope you enjoyed the show.”

Joe runs off again while the girls start talking to each other as they walk back towards the parking lot. As they walk by the last tent a hand comes out and opens the tent flap and someone steps out. Silently the person watches with very red and angry eyes as the girls walk away.

“So this is where you are? Come on, we have to start packing and get everything ready. We’re leaving tomorrow.”

“What does that little slut have that I don’t have? Huh Jacob? You’re a guy, who’s prettier, me or her?”

“Even I’m not dumb enough to step in that trap. Let it go. You know how Joe is, he’ll forget about her as soon as we leave.”

“No, he won’t! Because he knows what she is. We all do. She’s one of us, a demi-god.”

The girl runs her fingers through her long curly blond hair and turns around to look at Jacob the Dog trainer standing behind her.

“Well what are you waiting for? Let’s get packing. Tomorrow I’m going to have to make Joe fall in love with me all over again.”

“Whatever you say Taylor. Whatever you say.”


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