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June 2, 2010

A Hidden Light – episode 9

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“Demi are you here?”

“Yeah Miley, I’ll be right down.”

Demi walks down the stairs dressed in a blue sundress and wearing sunglasses.

“Why are you wearing sunglasses indoors?”

“I was about to go out. I didn’t know you were coming over.”

“I was tired of you avoiding me. What’s wrong? Are you still upset about Selena having to move so far away to go to that acting class?”

“I wasn’t avoiding you, I’ve just been busy. I’ve been surprised by many things this last week and I just didn’t have time to call. I do miss Selena. I didn’t expect her to leave so soon.”

“It’s part of her dream, she’s lucky they accepted her application. Although why she never told us about sending it seems weird to me. So what’s been going on this week that left you to busy to talk?”

Demi stands in the living room looking at Miley as she begins to remember the events of the last week. Her walking in the garden hearing voices and finally realizing that it was the plants and flowers trying to get her attention. If that wasn’t freaking enough she also had so many questions about the light that came from her hands after she cut her finger cutting up vegetables. She remembered cutting herself and the blood coming out, but as soon as she ran to the sink her hands started to glow and then the cut was gone. But she wasn’t ready to tell that to Miley, she didn’t think she could share that with anybody.

“I’ve just had a rough week and little to no sleep. That dream came back every night this week, that’s never happened. No that many times in a row. Each night it was more vivid. The last two nights I was standing next to someone in the chariot, it’s kind of scary to know there is someone next to you who you can’t see.”

“Trouble sleeping, avoiding friends, and you have been really moody since your birthday. Oh, I think I just figured out what’s wrong with you. He didn’t call did he?”

“No, he never did. But that doesn’t really matter. I didn’t even know him like that so it’s whatever.”

“Don’t lie to me Demi, I know how you are when you really like a guy and you clicked with him. He’s an idiot for not calling.”

“I’m sure he flirts with a girl in every town he goes to. It doesn’t matter, like I already said. That’s not what’s wrong. I’m okay really, you’re reading to much into this Miley. Just let it go. Miley? Miley?!”

Miley collapses to the floor and Demi runs over to her and cradles Miley in her arms. Suddenly Apollo appears before Demi.

“Don’t worry about your friend Demi, I just had to put her to sleep. She can’t know what’s about to happen.”


“I see your mother hasn’t told you anything. Well in that case let me introduce myself. I am Apollo the Sun God. I also happen to be your father. Your real father.


May 17, 2010

A Hidden Light – episode 8

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“Oh my God! That show was incredible.”

“I know right! What was your favorite part Demi?”

“I loved the dog trainer Jacob. He was so built and it was really cool all the tricks he could make the dogs do. Some of those dogs were huge and looked like wolves too which added to the awesomeness of his act. What about you Miley what was your favorite part?”

“I’ll tell you what my least favorite part was, when that girl came out and sung near the end. I’m sorry but she sucks. The only people who seemed into her music were all the couples that started making out while she sang. It was kind of weird that her music made them all start to do that. I guess with music that bad you need something good to distract you. All I could think of while she was singing was about having a boy to make out with.”

“This whole circus was pretty epic. Demi did you see Joe? He waved at you!’

“Yeah, he did. Ha ha ha. He looked so cute in his outfit. I didn’t know he was so strong though. Did you see how big that weight was he lifted over his head?”

“ Don’t look now but I think he’s coming towards us right now!”

“Hey wait up!”

Joe comes running over to the girls and stops to catch his breathe

“I’m glad I caught up to you guys. I wanted to get your name and maybe your number before you left.”

“Which one of us were you talking to Joe?”

“The birthday girl here of course.”

“My name is Demi, I don’t even know you how can I give you my number?”

“But if you don’t give me your number how are you supposed to get to know me?”

Joe gives her a small smile and Demi laughs and writes her number down on a piece of paper and gives it to him.

“The circus will be leaving after tonight but I’ll call you and we can get to know each other over the phone. Next time we stop by this town or one near it I can ask you for a date.”

“Sounds like a plan Joe. If you can remember to call that is.”

“You can count on it. A face like yours is hard to miss and even harder to forget. I’ll be calling you as soon as I can. It was nice meeting everybody and I hope you enjoyed the show.”

Joe runs off again while the girls start talking to each other as they walk back towards the parking lot. As they walk by the last tent a hand comes out and opens the tent flap and someone steps out. Silently the person watches with very red and angry eyes as the girls walk away.

“So this is where you are? Come on, we have to start packing and get everything ready. We’re leaving tomorrow.”

“What does that little slut have that I don’t have? Huh Jacob? You’re a guy, who’s prettier, me or her?”

“Even I’m not dumb enough to step in that trap. Let it go. You know how Joe is, he’ll forget about her as soon as we leave.”

“No, he won’t! Because he knows what she is. We all do. She’s one of us, a demi-god.”

The girl runs her fingers through her long curly blond hair and turns around to look at Jacob the Dog trainer standing behind her.

“Well what are you waiting for? Let’s get packing. Tomorrow I’m going to have to make Joe fall in love with me all over again.”

“Whatever you say Taylor. Whatever you say.”

March 21, 2010

A Hidden Light – episode 7

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As Demi walked into the tent she noticed that the inside was much larger than the outside looked. In the center of the tent there was a table and two chairs. One of the chairs was occupied by a beautiful middle aged woman wearing blue. Demi walks over to the table.

“Welcome Demetria, I have been expecting you. Please take a seat.”

“Wow, you must be a very powerful oracle to know my name already!”

“What? Oh no dear, you are confused. Your friends told me your name. In fact most of our conversations revolved around you. They both love you very much.”

“And I love them. They bring me so much joy.”

Demi was starting to feel more comfortable being around the oracle and gave her a smile as she sat down.

“Now Demetria just give me your hand and let us see what the future holds for you.”

Demi placed her hand in the oracles hand and as soon as they touched she started to feel drowsy and her eyelids slowly closed. Than Demi found herself flying over the world once again, just like in her dreams. The oracle looked up at Demi with a startled glance and then down to where their hands met in the middle of the table. Their hands were starting to glow and give off a bright light. The oracle just smiled and than let go of Demi’s hand. Slowly Demi’s eyelids opened again as the light in her hand faded.

“I’m sorry Demetria but I will not be able to give you a proper reading today. I’m am tired, the show is about to start, and the mystic energy in the air is getting some interference. All I can safely tell you is that you are a Rising Sun. Be proud of who you are and be even prouder of the person you will become.”

Demi thanked the oracle and walked out of the tent to meet her friends.

“Son, please come here. I need to send your father a message.”

From the shadows of the tent a young man in his early twenties with light skin and curly hair steps forward and stands next to the oracle.

“What do you need me to do mother?”

“I need you to tell your father that we have found another one. We are going to have to add this town to the list of places to visit periodically to make sure that she is safe and does not become corrupted.”

“Who do you think is her father or mother?”

“I think she is a daughter of Apollo but it is to soon to tell. We must be prepared because if we found her, it won’t be long before the evil forces start to notice her as well.”

“As you wish Mother.”

“Oh and Kevin, when you are done make sure you get something to eat. You are starting to get to skinny again.”

Kevin nods and steps back into the shadow of the tent disappearing. Demi finally finds her friends in line to get into the main tent for the Circus.

“Hey guys, why didn’t you wait for me?”

“Wait for you? Demi you were in there for 40 minutes, and we had to start getting in line for the main event.”

“What!? 40 minutes, that’s impossible it felt more like 10!”

“So what did she have to say anyway?”

“She didn’t say anything. She told me the mystic energy in the air was being interfered with and that I was a Rising Sun. Ha ha, I guess that’s means I’m bright.”

Demi and her friends laugh and go into the tent ready to have a fun time at what has turned out to be the strangest Circus in town.

A Hidden Light – episode 6

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“Wow, that guy was cute! And he was totally checking you out Demi.”

“Really? You think? It just looked like he was checking us all out. And why shouldn’t he, we are three hot ladies.  Ha ha ha”

The girls walk further into the circus and see the main tent set up 50 feet ahead of them. Lining the path leading to the main tent are smaller tents with signs advertising different performers. There are also signs with directional arrows showing customers where to go to find other performers or entertainers nearby.

“Hey Selena, look at that sign. Win 100 dollars by beating Nick the Whip in a race. Just 5 dollars down gives you a chance to run away with 100 dollars. You could use your track and field skills to make us some money. Ha ha”

“I don’t think so Miley. I ain’t wearing my running shoes, just these cute sandals. Besides with a name like Nick the Whip he must be really fast.”

“Hey look there’s the sign for the oracle that Joe told us about. Come on girls. Oh wait, it says one at a time. Who wants to go first?”

Selena, Miley, and Demi look at each other. Finding out about your future sounded fun at first but now they are a little bit worried. Finally Miley just shakes her head and laughs.

“Well fine, I guess I’ll go first. But I bet my future is going to be just awesome.”

Miley walks into the tent leaving Selena and Demi to look around the rest of the circus while they wait.

“So Selena, do you think this oracle can actually tell the future?”

“Oh Demi don’t be so gullible, it’s all a show put on to entertain customers.”

5 minutes go by and Miley walks out with a confused look on her face.

“Are you okay Miley? What did the oracle have to say?”

“I’m fine, just a little confused. I feel like I just walked in and was already walking out again, but I remember having a conversation with her. The problem is I can only remember two things she told me.”

Demi and Selena look at each other a little scared by the idea of dealing with a real oracle

“So what did she say?”

“She told me that I would become a famous fashion designer, which is crazy cause only you two know about the designs I have been working on, or even the fact that I have thought of becoming a fashion designer. But it was the other thing she said that really confused me. She said I would have to choose between young love and true love. And that my choice could forever affect my friendships. What does that even mean?”

“I don’t know, that sounds kind of cryptic, but now I’m curious so I’m going next.”

Selena walks into the tent leaving Demi and Miley outside. After 10 minutes go by she walks back out with the same confused look on her face that Miley had.

“Well what did she say to you?”

“I can only remember a few things also. It’s weird, I walked in and sat down then she held my hand after that I just remember saying goodbye and thank you. She told me that I would become a famous actress, which is awesome. But then she said I would fight for love and lose. That the only chance I would have to win would be to learn how to let go. That just gives me a headache.”

“Geez, I don’t know if I want to go in there now. You guys aren’t playing some kind of joke on me are you?”

“No we aren’t, but it’s the strangest experience I have ever had.”

Demi looks back at her friends as she slowly walks into the tent.

“Welcome Demetria. I have been expecting you.’

February 26, 2010

A Hidden Light – episode 5

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“Demi! Are you ready? Selena and Miley just pulled up.”

“I’m on my way down mom. I just got to pick the right sweater in case it gets cold.”

Demi holds up the blue hoodie and stands in front of the mirror. She smiles and starts to head downstairs.”

“So mom, are you going to tell me where I’m going?”

“Sorry honey the girls want it to be a surprise. They want you to enjoy your 16th birthday. It’s not everyday a girl turns 16. Now be sure to tell Selena to be careful. She’s only had her license for about a month now.”

“Mom, relax you know how safe Selena is about everything. I’ll see you and dad later tonight.”

Demi gave her mom a kiss on the check and went out the door. Selena and Miley were waiting for her outside in Mandy’s car. Demi got into the car and the girls gave her big hugs.

“Happy birthday Dems!”

“Thanks girls, so are you going to tell me where we are going now?”

“Just put on this blindfold. We promise you you’ll love it.”

Miley ties the blindfold around Demi’s head and Selena pulls out of the driveway. As they are driving along Demi brings up an interesting conversation.

“So I had the dream again.”

“The one were you are flying? You really should stop thinking to much into such a dream. People dream about flying all the time.”

“Maybe Miley, but how many enjoy their flying experience in the back of a golden chariot pulled by flying horses? It’s just a little too weird for me. It keeps reminding me of those stories we learned in English class about Greek and Roman mythology.”

“See, that’s probably what put the idea in your head. That dumb English class put crazy ideas in your head.”

“You would think so, but I have been having this dream even before we took that class. It’s not a bad dream it’s just weird. I do think it’s kind of cool how every time I have that dream I’m flying over a different part of the world.”

“Okay Demi we’re here!”

Selena pulls the car over into a parking lot, and Demi yanks off the blindfold.

“Oh my God! A Circus! This is amazing. How did you girls find out about this?”

“Miley saw a flyer and told me about it. We thought you would really like it.”

“Like it? I think I love it. It looks really cool. Come on let’s go get tickets.”

The girls walked up to the ticket counter and standing behind it was a handsome guy who looked like he was in his late teens early twenties.

“Hello ladies. The tickets are 10 dollars a piece. The show starts in an hour but feel free to check out our side acts and game booths while you wait.”

“Listen, it’s my friend’s birthday. Do you guys run any birthday specials?”

“Well for three beautiful women like yourselves I’m sure I can do something. How about I’ll let you in for free but you have to check out the Oracle. She’s our resident fortune-teller.”

“That sounds amazing, and very sweet of you. Thanks”

“No problem, I hope you enjoy your time here at The Jonas Family Circus. My name is Joe. Tell the Oracle I sent you and maybe she’ll cut you a break also.”

The girls all give Joe a big smile and walk onto the Circus grounds. Joe watches them walk away thinking to himself how nice the short one’s butt was.

February 23, 2010

A Hidden Light – episode 4

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“Are you serious? after eight years you have decided to finally tell me about your past. What brought this up?”

“Something just happened to Demi and I don’t know how to explain it to her or even if I want to. I feel that I should come clean with you, especially since you have been the most incredible man I have ever met.”

Eddie and Dianna sat down at the kitchen table and Dianna turns to him.

“How much do you know about Greek and Roman Mythology?”

“That’s a strange question. What does this have to do with Demi?”

“Please, just humor me. It will make more sense after I know how much information you already know.”

“Well, I don’t remember that much. We covered it in high school and a little in college during some of my English classes but that was years ago.”

“Okay. Than I think you should know that most of those stories are true. The gods do exist and in fact I have meet some of them.”

“Is this some kind of joke?”

“Please listen to me. If you love me, you will listen and believe because I would not lie to you about this. 16 years ago I meet this cute guy, I was just entering my junior year of college and I was having a lot of fun going on dates with him. We grew close and he told me he had a family secret to tell me. He told me he was really Apollo the God of the Sun and that he wanted me to meet his family at Olympus. At first I thought it was a big joke like you did right now, but he quickly proved me wrong by summoning a gold chariot driven by winged horses. We flew up to Olympus and I saw Zeus, and Hera. I also meet Aphrodite, Ares, and Demeter. They were the most beautiful people I had ever seen, they resonated with power, but they treated me like I wasn’t even there. Only Demeter gave me any respect and greeted me like an old friend. Apollo ended up arguing with Zeus and Ares before he grabbed me and brought me back home. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t tell people because who would believe me. Over the next year Apollo would visit me less and less and when I told him I was pregnant he left completely. I wouldn’t see him again until four years later when he tried to get back into Demi’s life but I wouldn’t let him. When Demeter found out about me being pregnant and how Apollo had acted she came to visit me one night and promised to always keep my gardens green. I managed to make a living off of the vegetables and fruits I grew, selling them to local markets. I adored her so much for helping me when she could have turned her back on me like the other gods that I named my daughter after her. And that is the story about how I became pregnant with Demi.”

“I don’t know why but…I believe you. It sounds to crazy to make up so it has to be true. Now what happened to Demi that has you worried?”

“Miley cut her leg when she tripped in the garden. Demi some how healed it but doesn’t realize what she did. Apollo told me that she would be special and that’s why he wanted to be back in her life. I don’t know what to do. The more I think about it, the more I think her singing to the plants has actually helped them grow. It’s like she has been adding her own power to Demeter’s over the last two years since she started helping me in the garden.”

“All we can do is watch her and try to keep her safe. If she becomes aware of what she is doing, it just might be time to tell her the truth.”

A Hidden Light – episode 3

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Demi looked at her cake and smiled with glee. It looked amazing, the bakers even remembered to incorporate butterflies like Demi had asked them to. This day was going to be great. Already she had received that beautiful rose bush from her mom which Demi had spent all morning planting in the garden. Her best friend Miley and her cousin Selena, the two most amazing people in the world to her would be here soon along with her other friends from the neighborhood and school. Demi was really excited to see Selena again. She lived in two towns over so she only came every other weekend. They were going to have so much fun.

A couple of hours into the party and the cake is completely gone. Eaten to death by a group of tween girls and boys. Dianna looked around at the mess that the kids had left in the living room but felt that it was worth it to see Demi so happy. Especially that morning when she had given Demi the rose bush and later on when Mandy had given her that incredible guitar. Demi was already begging Eddie for lessons. Most of the party guest had left when Demi, Selena, and Miley came running down the stairs.

“And where do you think you ladies are going in such a hurry?”

“Geez Mom, I was just going to show them the awesome rose bush you got me.”

“Okay, but don’t take to long. I don’t plan on cleaning up this whole place myself.”

Demi yelled something back as she ran out the door but it was muffled by the sound of the door slamming shut as the other girls followed her out. As they were running through the garden Miley’s foot tripped over a loose stone in the path and she went tumbling down.

“Miley! Are you okay? Oh my God you’re bleeding. Quick Sel go get mom.”

While Miley grabbed her leg in pain Demi was trying to wipe the blood off of Miley’s leg with her hands. The more blood came out the more Demi started to panic. Than all of a sudden Demi became very light headed as her hand rested on the cut on Miley’s leg and Demi felt a flash of bright light and crumpled to the ground right next to Miley.

“What happened!? Miley, Demi, are you girls okay?”

“I don’t know what happened to Demi, Mrs. Delagarza but I fell and started bleeding. Demi tried to wipe it up but then she fainted.”

“Demi hun, can you get up? How are you feeling?”

“I don’t know mom. I feel tired. There was so much blood on Miley’s leg it freaked me out. Than I got a headache and saw a bright light. That’s the last thing I remember before I heard you calling me.”

“Well come inside dear. You too girls. Let’s take care of Miley’s leg and bandage it inside the house.”

“Umm Mrs. Delagarza?”

“Yes Miley dear?”

“My leg feels fine. In fact… I don’t even see where I cut myself. But than where did all this blood come from?”

Dianna looked down at Miley’s bloody jeans and at the skin that was showing through the hole in them. Miley was right. Her skin looked like it was brand new, not a mark on it. That’s when Dianna looked at Demi who seemed as confused as the other two girls were.

“What matters is that everybody is okay. Come, you can wear some of Demi’s jeans to go home.

As the group shuffled inside Dianna pulled her husband aside.

“We need to talk?!”

“About what my love?”

“Demi’s father. Her birth father that is.”

A Hidden Light – Episode 2

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It has been ten long years since that day in the park. Ten happy and boring years, and Dianna couldn’t have asked for more than that. She didn’t know why she was thinking about that day in the park, as she packed fresh vegetables into a couple of paper bags. Than she remembered that today was the anniversary of that day. Dianna shook her head trying to clear her mind of that memory when the doorbell ringing woke her out of her mental fog.

“Hi Dianna, how’s it going? Do you have my vegetables ready?”

“Hi Tish, yeah come in. I left them on the kitchen counter. So are you and Miley ready for Demi’s birthday next week?”

“Are you kidding? That’s all Miley can talk about. She is so excited, you’d think it was her birthday instead of just her best friends. Speaking of Demi where is she?”

“Where else would she be , but back in the garden. She has convinced herself that if she doesn’t sing to the plants while she waters them that they get depressed and won’t grow as big. I swear the power of a young child’s imagination. Ha ha ha. Well here you go, two bags of my gardens best and brightest.”

“Well maybe Demi has a point. Nobody grows fruits and vegetables like Dianna’s garden. Ha ha. By the way where’s Eddie?”

“Poor guy. He works 8 hours than comes straight home to sleep for two or three. If he didn’t he wouldn’t have the energy to spend time with us in the evenings going to movies or eating dinner as a family. I thank the gods everyday for having given me such a fine man.”

“The gods? How Grecko-Roman of you. Ha ha ha. Like the mighty Olympians ever existed, and if they did I doubt they would care about us puny mortals.”

“You would be surprised Tish at how much myth is true and how much truth is just myth.”

Tish walks out of the house carrying the two bags of vegetables and as she walks along side the path leading out the white gate she can hear Demi singing to the plants. All of a sudden her body feels more energized and refreshed. 

“God, that girl has such a powerful voice, it gives me energy just listening to it.”

February 22, 2010

A Hidden Light – Episode 1

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Demi Lovato Pictures - Barney

The God Apollo looked down at the little girl playing in the sandbox and smiled. The sun shone brighter overhead. The little girl looked up and squinted her eyes into the bright light of the sun. She smiled back up at the light because she could not see the God standing before her. He was using his powers to obscure her view. She was to young to encounter a God, her mind to undeveloped, Apollo feared what a look into a God’s full power would do to her.

He walked to her mother sitting on the bench and made himself visible to her.

“Take care of her Dianna. She will be a special child, born with the light of love and the power of the sun within her. Her smile will change the world and her voice will move mountains.”

“Don’t tell me how to raise my child Apollo. I haven’t seen you since the day I told you I was pregnant and now you come back 4 years later with parenting advice. Get lost, Demetria is my daughter not yours. Even if she has your blood, it’s my love that she has grown up with.”

“Don’t spurn my advice Dianna. It would be a fool’s mistake to take lightly the word of a God, especially the God of the Sun. My daughter is meant for great things, and whether you accept that or not Demetria will find a way to shine on her own, She can’t help but shine, she is of the Sun. Born under the sign of fire and the mighty Lion.”

The God Apollo looked back at his tiny daughter playing in the sandbox and shook his head in wonder at what the fates held for his child.  His body flashed and then he was gone. Dianna stared at the spot where he had stood, more determined than ever to not let her daughter ever know about her true father and what he had said about her.

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