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June 2, 2010

A Hidden Light – episode 9

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“Demi are you here?”

“Yeah Miley, I’ll be right down.”

Demi walks down the stairs dressed in a blue sundress and wearing sunglasses.

“Why are you wearing sunglasses indoors?”

“I was about to go out. I didn’t know you were coming over.”

“I was tired of you avoiding me. What’s wrong? Are you still upset about Selena having to move so far away to go to that acting class?”

“I wasn’t avoiding you, I’ve just been busy. I’ve been surprised by many things this last week and I just didn’t have time to call. I do miss Selena. I didn’t expect her to leave so soon.”

“It’s part of her dream, she’s lucky they accepted her application. Although why she never told us about sending it seems weird to me. So what’s been going on this week that left you to busy to talk?”

Demi stands in the living room looking at Miley as she begins to remember the events of the last week. Her walking in the garden hearing voices and finally realizing that it was the plants and flowers trying to get her attention. If that wasn’t freaking enough she also had so many questions about the light that came from her hands after she cut her finger cutting up vegetables. She remembered cutting herself and the blood coming out, but as soon as she ran to the sink her hands started to glow and then the cut was gone. But she wasn’t ready to tell that to Miley, she didn’t think she could share that with anybody.

“I’ve just had a rough week and little to no sleep. That dream came back every night this week, that’s never happened. No that many times in a row. Each night it was more vivid. The last two nights I was standing next to someone in the chariot, it’s kind of scary to know there is someone next to you who you can’t see.”

“Trouble sleeping, avoiding friends, and you have been really moody since your birthday. Oh, I think I just figured out what’s wrong with you. He didn’t call did he?”

“No, he never did. But that doesn’t really matter. I didn’t even know him like that so it’s whatever.”

“Don’t lie to me Demi, I know how you are when you really like a guy and you clicked with him. He’s an idiot for not calling.”

“I’m sure he flirts with a girl in every town he goes to. It doesn’t matter, like I already said. That’s not what’s wrong. I’m okay really, you’re reading to much into this Miley. Just let it go. Miley? Miley?!”

Miley collapses to the floor and Demi runs over to her and cradles Miley in her arms. Suddenly Apollo appears before Demi.

“Don’t worry about your friend Demi, I just had to put her to sleep. She can’t know what’s about to happen.”


“I see your mother hasn’t told you anything. Well in that case let me introduce myself. I am Apollo the Sun God. I also happen to be your father. Your real father.


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