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February 23, 2010

A Hidden Light – episode 3

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Demi looked at her cake and smiled with glee. It looked amazing, the bakers even remembered to incorporate butterflies like Demi had asked them to. This day was going to be great. Already she had received that beautiful rose bush from her mom which Demi had spent all morning planting in the garden. Her best friend Miley and her cousin Selena, the two most amazing people in the world to her would be here soon along with her other friends from the neighborhood and school. Demi was really excited to see Selena again. She lived in two towns over so she only came every other weekend. They were going to have so much fun.

A couple of hours into the party and the cake is completely gone. Eaten to death by a group of tween girls and boys. Dianna looked around at the mess that the kids had left in the living room but felt that it was worth it to see Demi so happy. Especially that morning when she had given Demi the rose bush and later on when Mandy had given her that incredible guitar. Demi was already begging Eddie for lessons. Most of the party guest had left when Demi, Selena, and Miley came running down the stairs.

“And where do you think you ladies are going in such a hurry?”

“Geez Mom, I was just going to show them the awesome rose bush you got me.”

“Okay, but don’t take to long. I don’t plan on cleaning up this whole place myself.”

Demi yelled something back as she ran out the door but it was muffled by the sound of the door slamming shut as the other girls followed her out. As they were running through the garden Miley’s foot tripped over a loose stone in the path and she went tumbling down.

“Miley! Are you okay? Oh my God you’re bleeding. Quick Sel go get mom.”

While Miley grabbed her leg in pain Demi was trying to wipe the blood off of Miley’s leg with her hands. The more blood came out the more Demi started to panic. Than all of a sudden Demi became very light headed as her hand rested on the cut on Miley’s leg and Demi felt a flash of bright light and crumpled to the ground right next to Miley.

“What happened!? Miley, Demi, are you girls okay?”

“I don’t know what happened to Demi, Mrs. Delagarza but I fell and started bleeding. Demi tried to wipe it up but then she fainted.”

“Demi hun, can you get up? How are you feeling?”

“I don’t know mom. I feel tired. There was so much blood on Miley’s leg it freaked me out. Than I got a headache and saw a bright light. That’s the last thing I remember before I heard you calling me.”

“Well come inside dear. You too girls. Let’s take care of Miley’s leg and bandage it inside the house.”

“Umm Mrs. Delagarza?”

“Yes Miley dear?”

“My leg feels fine. In fact… I don’t even see where I cut myself. But than where did all this blood come from?”

Dianna looked down at Miley’s bloody jeans and at the skin that was showing through the hole in them. Miley was right. Her skin looked like it was brand new, not a mark on it. That’s when Dianna looked at Demi who seemed as confused as the other two girls were.

“What matters is that everybody is okay. Come, you can wear some of Demi’s jeans to go home.

As the group shuffled inside Dianna pulled her husband aside.

“We need to talk?!”

“About what my love?”

“Demi’s father. Her birth father that is.”



  1. Wow freaky. I wonder if Demi being able to heal people is part of her magic.

    Comment by jemi4ever — February 23, 2010 @ 3:08 PM | Reply

    • You should do some research on Apollo. He was the God of many things. He had a big part in Greek literature when it came to healing and music. Two things which Demi will definitely inherit in this story.

      Comment by JustEnjoyMyInsanity — February 23, 2010 @ 3:33 PM | Reply

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